La gran comedia de

La Magdalena de Roma

de don Juan Bautista Diamante 1


Edited version, by R.V. Pringle , based on the 1713 Zaragoza MS.
in the Biblioteca Municipal, Madrid (Sig. 1-128-11).

Revised edition, July 2007


Personas que hablan en ella:

Catalina la bella


Rosaura, dama

Filipo, galán

Porcia, dama

Leonardo, galán

Fenisa, criada

Golondrino, criado

Santo Domingo

Un mancebo

Soleta, gracioso

Un niño que hace a Cristo

Dos ángeles

Rosendo, y peones de albañil2

Una niña que hace a nuestra Señora



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(1) For a discussion of the play's authorship, including a possible attribution to Pedro Francisco Lanini y Sagredo, click here.  For a checklist of plays by or atttributed to Juan Bautista Diamante, click here.  For more information on Juan Bautista Diamante go to the Wikipedia article.   <back>


(2) There is no speech for a Rosendo in any known versions of the play. The name was probably meant for the workman resurrected by St Dominic in Act I (vv. 501-548), who first appears in the text as 'Peón 2°' but is then addressed as 'Francisco' by St Dominic. See my editor's note at v. 523.   <back>