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Sunday 17th February 2019

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Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Sonata E flat major Op. 120 No. 2: [for clar. & piano] (set: 36/007-2(2))

Sonata F minor Op. 120 No. 1: [for clar. & piano] (set: 36/007-2(1))

Sonate Op. 120 Nr 1 F minor: [for Bb clar. & piano] (set: 36/007-1(1))

Sonate Op. 120 Nr 2 E flat major: [for Bb clar. & piano] (set: 36/007-1(2))

Busé, W.

Introduction et polonaisee brillante Op. 40: [for Bb clar. & piano] (set: 36/009)

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Debussy, Claude (1862-1918) French

Petite pièce: pour clar. et piano (set: 36/015-1)

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Finzi, Gerald (1901-1956) English

Five bagatelles for clarinet and piano (set: 36/026)

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Gade, Niels W. (1817-1890) Danish

Fantasias (Fantasistykker) for piano and clarinet (or violin) Op. 43 (set: 36/028)

Gretchaninoff, Alexander (1864-1956) Russian

Brimborions Op. 138: [for Bb clar. & piano] (set: 36/033)

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Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Six sonatas: for clar. & piano (set: 36/037-4)

Head, Michael (1900-1976) English

The world is mad {from The Dark Tower}: [for voice(mezzo) and clarinet in Bb] (set: 36/038.5)

Hess, Willy (1906-1997) Swiss

7 recital pieces (clar. & piano: set: 36/039.2)

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Kelly, Bryan (1934- English

Three bagatelles: for oboe or B-flat clar. & piano (set: 36/045)

Kiel, Clemens August (1813-1871)

Elegie für die Clarinette oder Oboe Op. 17: [for clar. or oboe w. piano accomp.] (set: 36/047)

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Lutoslawski, Witold (1913-1994) Polish

Dance preludes for clarinet and piano (set: 36/052)

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Mozart, Leopold (1719-1787) Austrian

Larghetto {from Quintette Op. 108}: [for clar. & piano] (set: 36/064-4[1])

Larghetto {from Quintette Op. 108}: [for clar. & oboe w. piano accomp.] (set: 36/064-4)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Clarinet concerto A major K 622 (min. sc.: 04/016-1)

Clarinet quintet A major K.581 (min. sc.: 04/016-3)

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Pilling, Dorothy

Seven simple pieces: [for clar. & piano] (set: 36/077)

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Ravel, Maurice (1875-1937) French

Pavane pour une infante défunte (clar. & piano: set: 36/081-1)

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Saint-Saëns, Camille (1835-1921) French

Sonate pour clarinette avec accomp. de piano Op. 167 (set: 36/083-3)

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Octet F major Op.166 (clar.: 42/029-3)

Romanze (Die Verschworenen): for sop., w. Bb clar. obbl. (17/496- 7)

The shepherd on the rock (Der Hirt auf dem Felsen) Op. 129: song w. pianoforte & clarinet (or violoncello) accomp. (17/496-11)

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

Fantasy pieces Op. 73: [for clar. & piano] (36/087 (b))

Phantasiestücke Op. 73: [for clar. & piano, w. violin or cello ad lib.] (36/087 (a))

Spohr, Louis (Ludwig) (1784-1859) German

Six German songs Op. 103: for voice & piano, w. clarinet obbl. (09/183)

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Tartini, Guiseppe (1692-1770) Italian

Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra: [a 'free arrangement' for clar. & piano] (36/092)

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Clarinet solos vol. 2: [8 pieces] (clar. & piano: 36/121-3(2))

First solos for the clarinet player: [21 pieces] (36/121-1 : 2 copies)

Scales & arpeggios for the clarinet (36/121-2)

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Webber, William Lloyd (1914-1982) English

Frensham Pond: aquarelle for clar. & piano (36/098)

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