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Chairman: Roger Williams   Secretary: Kathleen Haw   Treasurer: Jennifer Bonsell   Membership Secretary: Janette Hall   Reg. Charity No. SC 014898

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The North East of Scotland Music School (NESMS) has existed for over 40 years and is a musical resource almost unique to a British city.  Instrumental and singing tutors from around the country are regularly brought to Aberdeen to teach North East students of all ages for a modest fee.  Many of these teachers come from Conservatoires and can thus bring students on to an advanced level of performance.

Much of the high standard of musical performance in the North East is directly attributable to NESMS and an enlightened Education Department.  Unfortunately, recent budget cutbacks have caused major attrition to music education in the area's schools.  The need to support NESMS now is really quite urgent.

NESMS is not an organisation with deep pockets.  It is a charitable setup very dependent on the generosity of donations and sponsorship.  Where possible, Friends attend and help with money raising activities and concerts.  Friends also endeavour to support pupils and provide performing opportunities.

Many different skills and backgrounds can be brought to bear and a close knowledge of music is not required.  Some volunteers accommodate visiting tutors thus saving NESMS significant hotel (and often taxi) costs.  This is greatly appreciated and those who participate will find that musicians make easy and entertaining house guests.

The annual membership fee is a very modest £15.  Please consider joining us.

Christmas Card Design Competition 2019 Winner

The Friends are delighted to announce that the winner of the Christmas Card Design Competition 2019 is Ruth Lough.

Mrs Lough feels thrilled and honoured to have won the competition. She has donated the £50 prize to NESMS in support of its valuable work.

The beautiful cards are currently on sale from the NESMS office.

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