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Scholarship Awards

This year we are auditioning in the Spring for awards of scholarship lessons at NESMS to take effect in the autumn term, ie from August/September 2019.

Whether or not you are currently enrolled at NESMS you are eligible to audition if you are likely still to be in full time education at that date.

For full details and an application form please go to this page.


Forthcoming Events

For current and future events see the NESMS Calendar or go to our Facebook page.


Concert Reviews

Annual Scholarship Concert
June 2018
Aaron Magill, Christopher Smith, Iona Baillie, Kara Taylor, Laura Smith, Malik Salloum and Matthew Crabb with accompanists Andrew Leadbetter, Colin Sinclair and Shirley Magill
June 2017
Ailsa Anderson, Alex Riddell, Eleanor Cozens, Clara Daley, Kirsty Campbell, Siobhan Ironside
June 2016
Amy Birse, Kathleen Cronie, Anna Morrison, Rachel Groves with Richard Bailey, accompanist
June 2015
Adam Auchie, Ella Clapperton, Iona Fyfe, Sam Garioch, Ngoni Masiyakurima

June 2014
Megan Cormack, Duncan Pirie, Tracy Lee, Sophie Stammeijer, Emma Barnett with Colin Sinclair & Ian Lovegrove, accompanists
June 2013
Cara Garton, Lisa Abraham, Iain Hall, Laura Cheyne, David Ferguson, with Drew Tulloch & Richard Bailey, accompanists

Lunchbreak Concerts
    18 October 2018   Joseph Long - Debussy
    12 April 2018   Joseph Long - Balakirev
    5 October 2017   Christopher Smith, Isla Cartney, Ngoni Masiyakurima, Imogene Newland
    27 April 2017   Joseph Long - Sibelius, Bartók, John Ireland
    19 January 2017   Lisa Milne and Harry Williamson
    1 December 2016   Joseph Long - Chopin
    10 November 2016   NESMS Flute Choir
    28 April 2016   Joseph Long - Mozart
    19 November 2015:
Rachel Groves, Alex Brown, Benedict Stammeijer, Drew Tulloch
    28 May 2015   Ian Wilson, Roger Williams
    3 February 2015   Joseph Long - Beethoven
    11 December 2014   Fiona Marshall, Duncan Pirie, Miriam Aspden
    20 November 2014   Kay Ritchie, Colin Brockie, Roger Williams
  3 October 2013   Lisa Abraham, Emma Barnett, David Ferguson
40th Anniversary Piano Festival
      20 September 2015   Nigel Clayton and Francesca Leonardi
      20 September 2015   Joseph Long Plays Jazz
    19 September 2015   Gina McCormack and Nigel Clayton  

Other Special Events
    31 August 2018   Early Evening Concert - The NESMS Clarinet Trio
    25 March 2018   NESMS Student Concert - Music From Around The World
    8 October 2017   NESMS Student Concert - Movies, Musicals and More!
    21 May 2017   NESMS Jazz at The Blue Lamp
    5 March 2017   NESMS Student Concert
    2 October 2016   NESMS Student Concert
    4 September 2016   Sunday @ 6 Piano Recital - Colin Sinclair
    5 March 2015   Celebrity Piano Recital - Joseph Long plays Chopin
    13 June 2014   Celebrity Piano Recital - Murray McLachlan
    27 May 2014   Turriff & District Rotary Club Concert
    30 March 2014   Two Cellos - Megan Rolf & James Halsey  
Other Concerts Involving NESMS Performers

    2 September 2018   Derek Buchan plays at Queen's Cross Church     18 June 2017   Grampian Youth Orchestra Summer Concert

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