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Saturday 27th February 2021

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Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983) French

Pastorale {p. solo 20/190[6] : Max Eschig}

Talbot, Howard [=Richard Lansdale Munkittrick] (1865-1928) Irish-American

The Arcadians: fantastic musical play (lyrics by Arthur Wimperis) [Monckton / Talbot] {07/023-1 : 3 copies : Chappell #c) marked up copy (W. Jolly)}

The Arcadians: fantastic musical play (lyrics by Arthur Wimperis) [Monckton / Talbot] {libr. 03/089 : 3 copies : Samuel French}

The Arcadians: fantastic musical play (arr. H. M. Higgs) [Monckton / Talbot-Higgs] {p. solo 21/248-3 : Chappell}

Daffodil time {from The Belle of Brittany}: song (words by Percy Greenbank) {10/045-8.1[13] a) No. 1 in C : Keith, Prowse}

Taneyev, Sergei (1856-1915) Russian

Symphonie 5 Op. 64 (arr. S. Tanéeff) [Tchaikovsky-Taneyev] {p. duo 22/054-3 : Schirmer}

Tansman, Alexandre (1897-1986) Polish-French

Cavatina (transc. Andr?s Segovia) {guitar 27/015 : Schott's Söhne}

Tartini, Guiseppe (1692-1770) Italian

Andante cantabile: for violin (or treble recorder or flute) & piano (arr. Niso Ticciati) [Tartini-Ticciati] {set 28/046.5 : OUP}

Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra: [a 'free arrangement' for clar. & piano] (arr. Gordon Jacob) [Tartini-Jacob] {set 36/092 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Tate, Arthur F. (1870-1950)

Somewhere a voice is calling: voc. duet for mez. & low v. (words by Eileen Newton) {18/161 in F : Larway}

Somewhere a voice is calling: song (words by Eileen Newton) {17/547-1 : 3 copies a,c) No. 3 in F b) No. 2 in Eb : Larway}

Songs, arr. for piano {21/366.5 : Larway}

Songs from Memory-Land: [4 songs] (words by Edward Lockton) {09/191 high v. : Cary}

  1. Memory-Land 2. In the dusk 3. That hour with you 4. All roads lead home

Tate, James William (1875-1922) English

A bachelor gay {from The Maid of the Mountains} (written by Clifford Harris & Valentine) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/547.5 : Francis, Day & Hunter}

A paradise for two {from The maid of the mountains} (words by Clifford Harris) {male & fem. v. 18/163 in F : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Tate, Phyllis (1911-1987) English

The lark in the clear air: Irish air (words by Sir Samuel Ferguson; arr. Phyllis Tate) {17/547.8 : 3 copies a,c) high in Bb b) low in F : OUP}

Suite from 'Water Music' (arr. for 2 p. Phyllis Tate) [Handel-Tate] {p. duo set 22/021-5 : OUP #a) Lacks 1st copy}

Tauber, Richard (1892-1948) Anglo-Austrian

My heart and I {from Old Chelsea}: song (words by Fred S. Tysh) {17/548-1 : 4 copies a,b,d) low in C c) orig. in D : Lawrence Wright}

My world is gold (Because you love me) (lyric by Clifford Grey) {17/548-2 No. 2 in G : Keith, Prowse}

Taubmann, Otto (1859-1929) German

Coronation Mass (Krönungs-Messe) K.317: 4-part chor. of mixed v. w. SATB soli (arr. Otto Taubmann) [Mozart-Taubmann] {02/085-2 b : Schirmer}

Messe C-Dur (Krönungsmesse) KV 317 (arr. Otto Taubmann) [Mozart-Taubmann] {SATB soli 02/085-2 a : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Tausig, Carl (1841-1871) Polish

Kaisermarsch (arr. Carl Tausig) [Wagner-Tausig] {p. solo 21/372-2 : Peters}

Military march (arr. Carl Tausig) [Schubert-Tausig] {p. solo 21/328- 4.1[2] : Orpheus}

Tauský, Vilém (1910-2004) Anglo-Czech

Not in Front of the Waiter, or, Under the Aspidistra: incident (story & mus. adapt. by Colin Graham; words by Viola Tunnard; arr. Vilém Tauský) [Offenbach-Tauský] {07/025-4 : Chappell}

Tavan, Emile (1849-1929)

Carmen: fantaisie pour piano (par Emile Tavan) [Bizet-Tavan] {21/041-2 : Margueritat}

Manon Lescaut de G. Puccini: grande fantaisie [Puccini-Tavan] {p. solo 21/285-1 : Ricordi}

Taylor, J. Stevenson

On with the dance: valse {p. solo 21/367 : Paxton}

Taylor, Leslie English

The light of the sunset glow: song (words by Ursula Curzon; adapt. from Easthope Martin's 'Evensong') [Martin-Taylor] {17/384-5 No. 2 in Eb : Weekes}

Taylor, Samuel Coleridge- (1875-1912) English

see Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel

Taylor, Stanley

Capriol suite: arr. for recorder quintet (arr. Stanley Taylor) [Warlock-Taylor] {36/098.5 : Boosey & Hawkes #a) score only}

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich (1840-1893) Russian

Adieu forêts (Farewell ye mountains) {from Jeanne d'Arc}: sop. recit. & aria (Eng. version Th. Baker) {mez. 17/550-1 : 2 copies a) mez.(D) b) sop.(F) : Schirmer}

Arie der Johanna: Lebt wohl, ihr Berge {from Die Jungfrau von Orleans} (based on the romantic tragedy by Friedrich Schiller) {10/045-8.2[1] : Rahter}

Barcarolle Op. 37a No. 6 (arr. Watson Forbes) [Tchaikovsky-Forbes] {violin & piano set 28/047-1 : Chester}

Caisse-noisette suite (Ouverture … Valse des fleurs): [8 items] {p. solo 21/368-5 : Paxton}

Casse-noisette suite: [8 pieces] {p. solo 21/368(2) : Paxton}

Concerto Op. 35 {violin & piano set 28/047-2 : Augener #p. cond. only}

Concerto No. 1 in B minor Op. 23 (ed. Rafael Joseffy) [Tchaikovsky-Joseffy] {p. duo 22/054-1 a : Schirmer}

Eugene Onégin: lyric scenes in 3 acts (Eng. version Henry Reese) {06/059 : Schirmer}

Humoresque {p. solo 21/368-1 : Augener}

Die Jahreszeiten Op. 37a {p. solo 21/368-2 a : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Jugend-Album Op. 39: 24 easy pieces {p. solo 20/002[5] : Augener}

Konzert No. 1 B moll Op. 23 (ed. Noel Fisher) {p. solo 21/368-8 : Peters}

None but the broken heart (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt) ([poem by Goethe]; Eng. version Bernard deNevers; arr. Alfred Moffat) [Tchaikovsky-Moffat] {17/550-2 b) : Alfred Lengnick}

None but the longing heart (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt) ([poem by Goethe]; Eng. words E. Teschemacher) {17/550-2 a) [No. 2 in] Eb : Edwin Ashdown}

None but the weary heart (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt) ([poem by] Goethe) {17/550-2 c) No. 1 in Db : Schott}

Piano concerto Op. 23 {p. duo 22/054-1 : 2 copies-M b,c : Augener}

Piano works: [6 pieces] {21/368-7 : Augener}

Pianoforte album: [8 pieces] {21/368(1) : Paxton}

Romeo et Juliette: fantasy overture for full orch. {min. sc. 04/024-2 : Eulenburg}

The seasons Op. 37a (ed. & fing. Louis Oesterle) {p. solo 21/368-2 b : Schirmer}

Serenade for string orchestra Op. 48 {min. sc. 04/024-3 : Eulenburg}

Sred' shumnogo bala [Amid the din of the ball] Op. 38 no. 3 ([words by A. K. Tolstoy]) {17/550-5 : Jurgenson}

Swan Lake suite {full orch. min. sc. 04/024-4 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Symphonie 5 Op. 64 (arr. S. Tanéeff) [Tchaikovsky-Taneyev] {p. duo 22/054-3 : Schirmer}

Symphonie pathétique Op. 74 (transc. G. H. Clutsam) [Tchaikovsky-Clutsam] {p. solo 21/368-9 : Augener}

Symphony 6 B minor 'Pathetique' {min. sc. 04/024}

Tchaikowsky-Album vol. 2 {p. solo 21/368(2) : Augener}

  Barcarolle, Chanson triste, Humoresque, Mazurka de salon, Valse-scherzo & Chant sans paroles (A min)

Tchaikowsky's songs: [44 songs] (Eng. words by Fred. J. Whishaw) {09/193 : Boosey}

Theme from Concerto in Bb minor: p. solo w. violin & cello ad lib. {set 28/047-3 : Banks}

To the forest (words by Fred J. Whishaw) {17/550-3 : Boosey}

Trio Op. 50: [for violin, violoncello & piano] {set 24/030-2 b : Augener}

Trio Op. 50: [for violin, violoncello & piano] (ed. Carl Hermann) {set 24/030-2 a : Peters}

Troika Op. 37 No. 11 (sel. [& ed.] Holmes & Karn) {p. solo 21/368-3 : Weekes}

Tschaikowsky album Bd 1: sel. compositions (ed. Heinrich Germer) {p. solo 20/002[4] : Bosworth}

Valse des fleurs {from Caisse-noisette suite} (arr. Stepán Esipoff) {p. solo 21/368-4 : 2 copies : Schott}

Vremena goda (Les saisons): dlia fortepiano {21/368-2 c : Muzyka (Moscow)}

Waltz from the Sleeping Princess {p. solo 21/368-6(4) : Chester}

Waltz memories selection (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Tchaikovsky-Winter] {p. trio vn & vc orch. sel. 24/030 : Chappell #p. cond., v1, cello}

Why so pale the roses? (Warum?) Op. 6 No. 5 (Eng. words B.F. Wyatt-Smith) {17/550-4 : Enoch & Sons}

Tcherepnin, Alexander Nikolayevich (1899-1977) Russian

Triple concertino Op. 47 {p. trio vn & vc set 24/031 : 2 copies : Universal #a,b) violin part only}

Tcherepnin, Nikolai (1873-1945) Russian

Mélodie orientale {oboe & piano set 36/093 : Hawkes}

Six pieces {4 horns 35/015}

Tedesco, Mario Castelnuovo- (1895-1968) Italian

see Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario

Teichmüller, Robert (1863-1939) German

Konzert F moll (arr. Robert Teichmüller) [Bach-Teichmüller] {p. duo 22/002-2 : Peters}

Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767) German

Concerto per la Chiesa (arr. J. G. Walther; ed. Philip A. Prince) [Telemann-Walther] {organ 40/243 : Novello}

Konzertsuite: für f-Alt Blockflöte, 2 Violinen, Viola (Violine 3), Violoncello u Basso Continuo (Klavier) (herausg. Adolf Hoffmann) [Telemann-Hoffmann] {orch. sc. 42/031 : Nagel #no sep. parts}

Partita no. 2 in G (ed. Walter Bergmann) {oboe & piano set 36/093.5-2 : Schott}

Der Schulmeister: komische Kantate [for bar. solo, 2-part boys' choir (TrA), 2 violins, bass (or 'cello) and harpsic./piano] (arr. Fritz Stein; Eng. trans. Charles J. Warner) [Telemann-Stein] {set 43/075 : Bärenreiter #a) score + vn1, vn2, vc parts only}

Sonata: for oboe & keyboard (ed. Helmut Schlövogt) {set 36/093.5-3 : OUP #a) oboe part only}

Sonata a-moll {oboe & piano set 36/093.5 : Music Trade}

Sonata in G minor for oboe and piano (ed. Walter Bergmann) {set 36/093.5-4 : Schott}

Suite in G minor for violin (oboe) and basso continuo (ed. Walter Liebermann) {violin & piano set 28/048 : Bärenreiter}

Temple, Hope [=Mrs. Andre Charles Prosper Messager] (1859-1938) Irish

An old garden: song (words by Helen Marion Burnside) {17/550.4 a) No. 2 in Ab : Boosey}

An old garden: song (words by Helen Marion Burnside) {10/045-6[2] No. 2 in Ab : Boosey}

An old garden: song (words by Helen Marion Burnside) {10/045-4[15] No. 3 in Bb : Boosey}

Tenaglia, Antonio Francesco (1612-1672) Italian

Aria [in F minor]: [arr. for violin (or cello) & piano] {set 28/048.5 a) sep. violin & cello parts : Sulzer}

Tennant, Sheena Irish

An Irish cradle song (words by W. B. Yeats) {17/550.5 : Frederick Harris}

Terry, Richard Runciman (Sir) (1865-1938) English

The shanty book, part 1: [30] sailor shanties (coll. & ed. Richard Runciman Terry) {10/063(1) : Curwen}

Shenandoah: shanty (windlass & capstan) {17/550.7 : Curwen}

Twelve Christmas carols: for 4 v. or unison {02/124 : 2 copies : Curwen}

Tertis, Lionel (1876-1975) English

The Londonderry air {violin & piano set 28/049 : Schott}

Studies arranged for viola (alto) Op. 8: changes of position and preparatory scale studies ([ed.] Lionel Tertis) [Sevcik-Tertis] {25/014-3 : Bosworth}

Thayer, Patrick

I travel the road (Who cares): song (words by Donovan Parsons) {17/550.5-2 : 2 copies a) No. 1 in Db b) No. 2 in D : Keith, Prowse}

Undivided: song (words by Bruce Sievier) {17/550.5-1 No. 1 in Bb : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Thévet, Lucien (1914-2007) French

Méthode complète de cor, (pte. 1): en deux parties {35/089-1(1) : Alphonse Leduc}

Thiman, Eric Harding (1900-1975) English

An Easter prayer (poem by Irene Gass) {17/551-1 : Cramer}

Evening in lilac time: song for med. v. (B flat) (words by T. H. Dipnall) {17/551-5 : 2 copies : Novello}

Madonna and Child: carol (words by Gerald Bullett) {17/551-2 : 3 copies a,b,c) [No. 2] in F : Chappell}

The Nativity: short Christmas cantata [for sop. & ten. soli & chor.] {01/074 : 2 copies}

The path to the moon: unison song (words by Madeline C. Thomas) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/551-6 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Preludes and voluntaries Bk 2: [6 pieces] {organ 40/245(2) : Curwen}

The rainbow: song ([words by Pope]) {17/551-3 : 3 copies a,b) No.3 in F c,d) No.2 in Eb : Novello}

The silver swan (Anon. (c.1600)) {17/551-4 : 2 copies b) high v. (C min) : Novello}

Thomas, Arthur Goring (1850-1892) English

Le baiser (A memory): song (Fr. words by Barbier, Eng. trans. M. C. Gillington) {17/552-1 : 3 copies a) No. 1 in Db b,c) No. 2,4 in D : Joseph Williams}

Love's echoes (Aimons): song (French byVictor Hugo, Eng by M. C. Gillington) {10/045-9[19] a) [No. 3] in Ab : Joseph Williams}

Morning bright: song (words from the French by John Oxenford) {10/045-9[1] a) No. 1 in Bb : Boosey}

My heart is weary (Schwer liegt auf dem Herzen): recit. & air {from Nadeschda} (Eng. words by Julian Sturgis; Ger. version Friedrich Fremery) {17/552-4 : 3 copies : Boosey}

O vision entrancing! {from Esmeralda}: song (words by Theo. Marzials) {10/087[18] a) No. 1 in Db : Boosey}

Prithee, maiden: song (words by Sydney Lever) {10/045-9[20] : Boosey}

A summer night (Une nuit de mai) (words by Theo. Marzials) {17/552-5 : 2 copies a) No. 1 in C b) No. 3 in D : Metzler}

A summer night (Une nuit de mai) (arr. H. M. Higgs) [Thomas-Higgs] {voc. duet 18/166 : Metzler}

Time's garden: song w. cello accomp. (words by Harold Boulton) {set 17/552-2 [No. 1] in F : Cramer}

Winds in the trees: song (words from the German by Miss Muloch) {17/552-3 No. 3 in F : Boosey}

Thomas, Charles Louis) Ambroise (1811-1896) French

Connais-tu le pays? (Knowest thou that dear land?) {from Mignon}: romance (ed. Albert Visetti; Eng. version Claude Aveling) [Thomas-Visetti] {17/551.5 : 3 copies No. 2 in Eb b,c) No. 1 in Db c) Schott : Augener}

Mignon: opera {06/060 : 2 copies : Heugel}

Mignon's song {from Mignon} (Eng. version Arthur Matthison) [Thomas-Visetti] {mez. 10/045-9[2] a) mez. : Heugel}

Overture {Raymond} {p. solo 21/368.8 : Orpheus}

Valse de duo {from Mignon} (paroles de M. Carr? et J. Barbier) {mez. 10/045-8.2[5] a) Eb (mez.) : Heugel}

The world-famous gavotte from Mignon {p. solo 16/020( 3) [4] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Thomas, John Rogers (1830-1896) English

Down by the river side I stray ([words by George Pope Morris]) {16/050-1[17]}

Eileen Alannah: [song] (written by E. S. Marble) {16/050-4 [19] : Evans}

Eileen Alannah (words by E. S. Marble) {mez./ bar. 17/552.3 Ab (mez./bar.) : Hutchings & Romer}

We two (written by Geo. Cooper) {16/050-1[15]}

Thomé, Francis (1850-1909) French

Au printemps: valse de salon {p. solo 16/050-2 [ 2] : Chappell}

Thompson, Fisher

Rio nights: song (words by Elmer Vincent) {17/552.35 : Stasny}

Thompson, Jack

Come, sing to me: duet (words by Jack Thompson) {18/167 No. 5 in F : Enoch & Sons}

An emblem: song (words and music Jack Thompson) {17/552.4 : 2 copies No. 3 in D b) No. 4 in Eb : Enoch & Sons}

First song album (words by Edward Lockton et al.) {09/195 No. 1 low v. : Enoch & Sons}

  1. Rose of the World 2. Little bit of a man 3. Just because of you 4. The bells of Little Weston 5. April in a gown of blue

Thompson, William (Will) Lamartine (1847-1909) American

Gathering shells (words by W L Thompson) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/272[1] : Marks & Spencer}

Gathering shells by the sea: [song and chorus (SA/TB)] ([words by Thompson?]) {16/050-1[18]}

[Songs by Thompson, Blockley and Hendrickson] {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/272 : Marks & Spencer}

Thomson, Bothwell

Chanson de matin Op. 15 No. 2 (arr. Bothwell Thomson) [Elgar-Thomson] {p. solo 21/126-1(2) : 2 copies : Novello}

Chanson de nuit Op. 15 No. 1 (arr. Bothwell Thomson) [Elgar-Thomson] {p. solo 21/126-1(1) : Novello}

Thomson, D. V. (Mrs) Scottish

The spinning wheel (melody by Mrs. D.V. Thomson arr. Alfred Stella) [Thomson-Stella] {17/531 No. 2 in F : Paterson}

Thomson, David Cleghorn

The Knight of Bethlehem {from The Husband of Poverty}: St Francis song (words by H. Neville Maughan) {17/552.5 [No. 2] in Eb : Novello}

Thorpe Davie, Cedric (1913-1983) Scottish

see Davie, Cedric Thorpe

Ticciati, Niso (1924-1972) Italian

Andante cantabile: for violin (or treble recorder or flute) & piano (arr. Niso Ticciati) [Tartini-Ticciati] {set 28/046.5 : OUP}

Tilkins, Felix (1861-1921) Belgian

see Caryll, Ivan (pseud.)

Tilzer, Albert Von (1878-1956) American

see Von Tilzer, Albert

Tippett, Michael Kemp (Sir) (1905-1998) English

A child of our time: oratorio {08/055-1 : 2 copies : Schott}

Come, gentle death (Komm süsser Tod) (ed. & arr. Michael Tippett & Walter Bergmann) [Bach-Tippett] {17/024-2[2] : Schott}

Five Negro spirituals {from A Child of our time} {08/055-2}

Lost is my quiet: duet for sop. & bass (arr. Michael Tippett) [Purcell-Tippett] {18/125-1 : Schott}

Preludio al Vespro di Monteverdi {organ 40/246 : Schott}

Tirindelli, Pier Adolfo (1858-1937) Italian

Mistica (versi di Ada Negri (Eng. Alice F. Schmoll)) {17/552.8 : Ricordi}

Tomkins, Thomas (1572-1656) Welsh

When David heard: sacred song (for SAATB) (ed. Edmund H. Fellowes) {05/018.5 : Stainer & Bell}

Tootell, George

Tangles (Lollipop Land): fantastic operetta (written & composed by George Tootell) {07/055 : Curwen}

Topliff, Robert (1793-1868) English

Consider the lilies: {from St Matthew ch. 6} {10/045-9[3] : Joseph Williams}

Toselli, Enrico (1883-1926) Italian

Serenata {violin & piano set 28/049.5 : Walsh, Holmes}

Serenata (Come back): voc. duet (contr. & bass) (words by R. H. Elkin; arr. Ernest Reeves) [Toselli-Reeves] {18/169 : Freemans}

Tosti, Francesco Paolo (Sir) (1846-1916) Anglo-Italian

Good-bye!: song (words by G.J. Whyte-Melville) {17/552.9 No. 3 in F (mez. or bar.) : Ricordi}

Good-bye!: song (words by G.J. Whyte-Melville) {16/050-3 [25] No. 3 in F (mez. or bar.) }

Goodbye: song (with violin ad lib.) (words by G. J. Whyte-Melville) {17/553-1 : 2 copies a) No. 4 in Eb b) No. 3 in F : Ricordi}

Love's way {from Love's Journey}: song (words by Ethel Clifford) {16/050-5 [ 2] No. 2 in F : Ricordi}

My dreams: song (words by Frederic E. Weatherly) {17/553-2 : 2 copies a) No. 3 in Db b) No. 1 in Bb : Chappell}

My memories: song (words by Clifton Bingham) {10/045-9[4] a) No. 2 in Bb (orig.) : Ricordi}

Ninon (paroles de Alfred de Musset) {10/045-9[16] a) No. 2 mez./bar. : Ricordi}

Parted: song (words by Fred. E. Weatherly) {17/553-3 : 3 copies a) No. 1 in Bb b,c) No. 4 in F : Ricordi}

Tours, Berthold (1838-1897) Anglo-Dutch

Allegretto grazioso {organ 40/248 : Novello}

H.M.S. Pinafore; or The lass that loved a sailor: nautical comic opera (p. arr. Berthold Tours) [Sullivan-Tours] {p. solo 16/070 [3] : Metzler}

Imperial ('Nelson') Mass: 'Missa in angustiis' 1798: for SATB soli, SATB & orch. (arr. Berthold Tours) [Haydn-Tours] {02/054-3 : 2 copies c,d : Novello}

Iolanthe; or, The peer and the peri: entirely original fairy opera (Savoy edition) ([written] by W.S. Gilbert; arr. Berthold Tours) [Sullivan-Tours] {07/040-5.1 : Chappell}

Iolanthe; or, The peer and the peri ([written] by W.S. Gilbert; arr. Berthold Tours) [Sullivan-Tours] {07/040-5 : 3 copies : Chappell}

Mass in C Op. 86: for SATB soli, SATB & orch. (p. arr. rev. Berthold Tours) [Beethoven-Tours] {02/014-2 : 3 copies : Novello}

Mass in G (no. 2): for STB soli, SATB, strings & orch. (arr. Berthold Tours) [Schubert-Tours] {02/106-2 : Novello}

Mass in G: for STB soli, SATB, strings & org., w. opt. wind & timpani [new ed.] (arr. Berthold Tours) [Schubert-Tours] {02/106-2.1 : 2 copies : Novello}

Orpheus: [opera in 3 acts] ([ed .Berthold Tours; Eng. trans. J. Troutbeck]) [Gluck-Tours] {06/019 a : Kalmus}

Orpheus Act 2: opera in 3 acts (ed .Berthold Tours; Eng. trans. J. Troutbeck) [Gluck-Tours] {06/019(2) : 2 copies b,c : Novello}

Orpheus: [opera in 3 acts] ([ed .Berthold Tours; Eng. trans. J. Troutbeck]) [Gluck-Tours] {06/019 c : Novello}

Patience; or, Bunthorne's bride: (rev. ed.) ([written] by W.S. Gilbert [arr. Berthold Tours]) [Sullivan-Tours] {07/040-7 : 3 copies a,b,c : Chappell}

Patience; or, Bunthorne's bride: entirely new and original aesthetic opera (written by W.S. Gilbert; arr. Berthold Tours) [Sullivan-Tours] {07/040-7 d : Chappell}

Third Mass (the 'Imperial'): [for SATB soli & chor.] (arr. Berthold Tours) [Haydn-Tours] {02/054-3 : 2 copies a,b : Novello}

Tovey, Donald Francis (1875-1940) English

Concerto en la-majeur pour piano et orchestre Op. 15 {orch. sc. 43/080 : Schott}

There be none of beauty's daughters, Op. 2 (Eng. words Lord Byron) {17/553.1 : Joseph Williams}

Tracy, George Lowell (1855-1921) American

The Mikado; or, The town of Titipu (librettist: W.S. Gilbert; p. arr. George Lowell Tracy) [Sullivan-Tracy] {07/040-6 : 4 copies : Chappell}

  incl. 2-piano arr. for overture

The Mikado; or, The town of Titipu: (Savoy edition) (librettist: W.S. Gilbert; p. arr. George Lowell Tracy) [Sullivan-Tracy] {07/040-6.2 : 2 copies : Chappell}

  incl. 2-piano arr. for overture

Princess Ida, or Castle Adamant: pianoforte arr. (p. arr. George L. Tracy) [Sullivan-Tracy] {21/364-5 : Chappell}

Princess Ida; or, Castle Adamant: respectful operatic per-version of Tennyson's 'Princess' (librettist: W.S. Gilbert; p. arr. George Lowell Tracy) [Sullivan-Tracy] {07/041-1 a : Chappell}

Ruddigore; or, The witch's curse (librettist: W.S. Gilbert) [Sullivan-Tracy] {07/041-2 : 3 copies : Chappell}

Ruddigore; or, The witch's curse: [pocket edition] (librettist: W.S. Gilbert) [Sullivan-Tracy] {07/041-2[p] : Chappell}


The auld hoose: old Scottish air (words by Baroness Nairne) {p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-1[61]}

The bonnie banks o' Loch Lomon': Jacobite air {p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-1[63]}

Danny boy: song written to an old Irish air (words by Fred. E. Weatherly) {17/553.2 : 2 copies a,b) No. 1 in C : Boosey}

Hunting Tower: [sop./ten. duet] (Anon.) {p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-1[37]}

Will ye no' come back again?: old Scottish air (words by Baroness Nairne) {p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-1[59]}

Ye banks & braes: Scotch song {16/050-4 [ 7] : Hart}

Travers, Elizabeth Maughan

Four poems (words by Edith M. Daddow) {09/197 : Palatine}

  1. Listening In 2. The Church and the World 3. Preparation 4. Enforced Rest

Trevalsa, Joan [=Mrs W. R. Gurley] English

My treasure: song (words by Matthias Barr) {17/553.3 No. 1 in F : Boosey}

Trevor, Caleb Henry J. (1895-1976) English

Larghetto (2nd mov.) {from Serenade for strings Op. 20}: organ transc. (arr. C. H. Trevor) [Elgar-Trevor] {40/090-2 : British & Continental}

Trojan, Václav (1907-1983) Czech

Ceské a slovenské lidové písne (Czech and Slovak folk songs) {09/197.5 : Panton #a) lacks pp. 99-100, 111-114}

Trotère, Henri [=Henry Trotter] (1885-1929) English

Asthore (darling): song (words by Clifton Bingham) {16/050-5 [40]}

In old Madrid: song (words by Clifton Bingham) {16/050-4 [21] [No. 2] in Bb }

In your dear eyes: song (words by Clifton Bingham) {16/050-5 [14] No. 3 in F : Cramer}

My old shako: song (words by Francis Barron) {17/553.4 No. 2 in C : Boosey}

My old shako: song (words by Francis Barron) {10/045-7[6] a) No. 2 in C : Boosey}

Within your heart: song (words by G. Hubi Newcombe) {16/050-5 [ 6] No. 2 in Eb }

Trotter, Henry (1885-1929) English

see Trotère, Henri

Trötzmüller, Karl

Te Deum: [for mixed chor.& orch.] (ed. H. C. Robbins Landon; p. arr. Karl Trötzmüller) [Haydn-Trötzmüller] {02/054-5 c : Doblinger}

Trowell, Arnold (1887-1966) English

Andante cantabile (transc. Arnold Trowell) [Dittersdorf-Trowell] {cello & piano set 33/023 : Schott}

Tucker, Henry

Sweet Genevieve: ballad (words by George Cooper) {17/553.5 : Hart}

Tulloch, Arabella

Drat 'em! (The shepherd's song) (words by H. Alnwick) {17/553.8 : Chappell}

Tureck, Rosalyn (1914-2003) American

An introduction to the performance of Bach Bk 1 (arr. Rosalyn Tureck) [Bach-Tureck] {p. solo 21/018-1}

An introduction to the performance of Bach Bk 2 (arr. Rosalyn Tureck) [Bach-Tureck] {p. solo 21/018-2 : 2 copies}

An introduction to the performance of Bach Bk 3 (arr. Rosalyn Tureck) [Bach-Tureck] {p. solo 21/018-3}

Turner, Olive

Cradle song of the coast (words by Herbert J. Brandon) {17/553.85 a) No.1 in Eb : Cramer}

Tyrwhitt-Wilson, Gerald Hugh (1883-1950) English

see Berners, Lord

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