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Wednesday 15th July 2020

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Wadsworth, J. H. American

The gondoliers; or, The King of Barataria ([written] by W.S. Gilbert; arr. J. H. Wadsworth) [Sullivan-Wadsworth] {07/040-2 : 4 copies a,b,c,d : Chappell}

The yeomen of the Guard; or, The merryman and his maid: new and original opera ([written] by W.S. Gilbert; arr. J. H. Wadsworth) [Sullivan-Wadsworth] {07/041-5 a : Chappell}

Wagner, Oscar

[Six pieces for violin and piano] {set 28/055-1 #lacks sep. violin part}

  1. Tuning the fiddle 2. Villageois 3. Mélodie 4. Pizzicato e coll arco 5. Naples-Tarantelle 6. La Joie

Wagner, (Wilhelm) Richard (1813-1883) German

Ballade (der Senta) {from Der Fliegende Holländer}: [for oboe or clarinet in B & piano] (bearb. Otto Bahlmann) {set 36/091[2] : Schmidt #lacks clarinet part}

Einzug der Gäste auf Wartburg {from Tannhäuser} (transc. F. Liszt) [Wagner-Liszt] {p. solo 21/372-7 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Elisabeth's greeting {from Tannhäuser} {sop. 17/559-1 a) : Novello}

Elizabeth's prayer {from Tannhäuser} (new Eng. version A. C. Bunten) {sop. p. voc. + sol-fa 17/559-1 : 2 copies b,c) : Bayley & Ferguson}

Elsas Traum {from Lohengrin}: [for mez. & ch. orch.] {orch. sc. 43/090 : Breitkopf & Härtel #lacks voice part}

  Score, Fl1, Fl2, Fl3, Ob1 Ob2, CorA, Cl1, Cl2, bCl, Bn1, Bn2, Bn3, Hn1, Hn2, Trt1, Trt2, Timp, Harp, 6xVn1, 5xVn2, 4xVa, 3xVc, 3xDb

Der fliegende Holländer (p. arr. Gustav Brecher) [Wagner-Brecher] {06/072-1 b : Peters}

The Flying Dutchman: romantic opera {06/072-1 a }

Fünf Gedichte für Frauenstimme (Wesendonk-Lieder) (words by Mathilde Wesendonk) {09/203 a) low v. : Peters}

Gerechter Gott! {from Rienzi}: Adriano's aria (Eng. trans. J. Pittman) {sop. 17/559-2 : Adolph Fürstner}

Götterdämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods) (Klavierauszug von Otto Singer; Eng. trans. Ernest Newman) [Wagner-Singer] {06/072-6 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Götterdämmerung (Ger. libretto Richard Wagner; Eng. trans. &c William Mann) {libr. 03/178-5 : Friends of Covent Garden}

Great masters Bk 6: Wagner (ed. Arthur Purcell) {p. solo 20/149(6) : Larway}

Introduction to 3rd Act of Lohengrin: grand march (arr. William Creser) [Wagner-Creser] {organ 40/260-2 : Novello}

Kaisermarsch (arr. Carl Tausig) [Wagner-Tausig] {p. solo 21/372-2 : Peters}

Lohengrin {06/072-2 : 2 copies : Novello, Ewer}

Lohengrin: opera (paroles françaises de Charles Nuitter [with parallel Eng. text - libretto by Richard Wagner]) {libr. 03/178-1 : Librairie Stock &c}

Siegfried (Ger. libretto Richard Wagner; Eng. trans. &c William Mann) {libr. 03/178-2 : Friends of Covent Garden}

Lohengrin. Prelude to 3rd Act and Bridal music (transc. Edwin H. Lemare) [Wagner-Lemare] {organ 40/260-4(16) : Schott}

March from 'Tannhäuser' and Bridal march from 'Lohengrin' {p. solo 21/372-3}

The mastersingers of Nuremberg (complete voc. sc. arr. Karl Klindworth) [Wagner-Klindworth] {06/072-3 b : Schirmer}

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: sel. words & music (Eng. versions Percy Pinkerton) {p. solo 16/099 : Newnes}

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (vollst. Klavierauszug von R. Kleinmichel) [Wagner-Kleinmichel] {06/072-3 a : Schott}

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - prelude {min. sc. 04/030}

Parsifal: festival drama (simplified voc. sc. by R. Kleinmichel) [Wagner-Kleinmichel] {06/072-5 : Schott}

Parsifal. Good Friday music (transc. Edwin H. Lemare) [Wagner-Lemare] {organ 40/260-4(14) : Schott}

Parsifal. Prelude to 3rd Act (transc. Edwin H. Lemare) [Wagner-Lemare] {organ 40/260-4(13) : Schott}

Preludes to Lohengrin and Tristan and Isolde, and Introduction to Lohengrin Act 3 {p. solo 21/372-1 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Das Rheingold (Klavierauszug mit Text von Felix Mottl) [Wagner-Mottl] {06/072-8 b : Peters}

Das Rheingold (Klavierauszug von Otto Singer; Eng. trans. Ernest Newman) [Wagner-Singer] {06/072-8 a : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Das Rheingold (Ger. libretto Richard Wagner; Eng. trans. &c William Mann) {libr. 03/178-3 : Friends of Covent Garden}

Das Rheingold. Walhall scene (transc. Edwin H. Lemare) [Wagner-Lemare] {organ 40/260-4(32) : Schott}

The ride of the Valkyries (arr. David Patrick) [Wagner-Patrick] {organ 40/260-3 : Basil Ramsey}

Der Ritt der Walküren (transc. Edwin H. Lemare) [Wagner-Lemare] {organ 40/260-4(28) : Schott #p'copied with permission}

Scenes from Tannhäuser and The Tournament of Song at the Wartburg: opera (concert ed.) {06/072-4 : Novello}

Selection from 'The mastersingers' {p. solo 21/372-4}

Siegfried (Klavierauszug von Otto Singer; Eng. trans. Ernest Newman) [Wagner-Singer] {06/072-9 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Siegfried Idyl [sic] {full orch. min. sc. 04/030-2 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Tannhäuser: Marsch (transc. [for p. & violin] Victor Felix) [Wagner-Felix] {violin & piano 28/075[8] : Peters #p. cond. only}

Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg [complete] (arr. August Horn) [Wagner-Horn] {p. solo 21/372-8 : Meser}

Tristan and Isolda: opera in 3 acts ( by Richard Kleinmichel; Eng. version Henry Grafton Chapman) [Wagner-Kleinmichel] {06/072-10 : Schirmer}

Vorspiel (Tristan und Isolde): p. duet (arr. H. von Bülow) [Wagner-Bülow] {22/055.5 : Augener}

Wagner-Album (Unsere Meister, 13) {p. solo 21/372-9 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Wagner-Liszt album: selection of favourite pieces from Wagner's operas (ed. E. Pauer) [Wagner-Liszt] {p. solo 21/372-5 : Augener}

Die Walküre (Ger. libretto Richard Wagner; Eng. trans. &c William Mann) {libr. 03/178-4 : Friends of Covent Garden}

Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) (vollst. Klavierauszug von Karl Klindworth) [Wagner-Klindworth] {06/072-7 : Schott}

Walter's prize song {from Die Meistersinger} (transc. W. J. Westbrook) [Wagner-Westbrook] {organ 40/260-5 : Schott}

Walther's prize song (Morn, like a rose) {from The Meistersingers} (Eng. by Percy Pinkerton) {16/020( 4) [3] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

The wedding music from Lohengrin (arr. J. Wodehouse) [Wagner-Wodehouse] {organ 40/260-1 : Augener}

  Elsa's Bridal March; Bridal Chorus; Grand Processional March

Wesendonk-Lieder (Fünf Gedichte für Frauenstimme) (words by Mathilde Wesendonk) {09/203 a) low v. : Peters}

[Works for oboe by Stein and Wagner] {oboe & piano set 36/091 : Schmidt}

Wotan's Abschied und Feuerzauber {from Die Walküre} (transc. Georges Bell) [Wagner-Bell] {p. solo 21/372-6 : Schott}

Wakefield, A. M.

No sir!: Spanish ballad (words and music by A. M. Wakefield) {16/050-5 [17] No. 2 in C : Paterson}

Waldteufel, Emile (1837-1915) French

Acclamations: Valses no. 1-3 + Coda {p. solo 16/040 [4/7] : Newnes}

Dolorés : Valses no. 1-3 + Coda {p. solo 16/040 [3/6] : Newnes}

Mello: valse {p. solo 16/050-2 [10]}

Les patineurs (The skater's waltz) {p. solo 21/373-2 : 2 copies : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Les Patineurs (The skater's waltz) (arr. for 2 p. Clive Richardson) [Waldteufel-Richardson] {p. duo set 22/055.8 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe #a) Lacks 1st copy}

Valse album No. 1: [6 valses] {p. solo 21/373(1) : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Valse album No. 7: [6 valses] {p. solo 21/373(7) : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Valse album No. 8: [6 valses] {p. solo 21/373(8) : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Wall, Harry Edward (1871-1941) English

Ayre and Gavot (arr. Harry Wall) [Arne-Wall ] {organ 40/048-1 : Cramer}

A concerto movement (arr. Harry Wall) [Dupuis-Wall] {organ 40/085 : Cramer}

Wallace, William (1860-1940) Scottish

Freebooter songs (words and music William Wallace) {09/204 : Cramer}

  1. Minnie song 2. Ths rebel 3. Son of mine 4. Up in the saddle

The outlaw: ballad {bar. 01/084}

Wallace, William Vincent (1812-1865) Irish

Maritana: opera {06/075-1 b #choruses only 1+}

'Tis the harp in the air {from Maritana}: romance (words by E. Fitzball) {10/045-9[5] : Hutchings}

Waller, Thomas Wright ('Fats') (1904-1943) American

Vocal selections from Bubbling Brown Sugar: (revue featuring music by Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, etc) {09/067 : EMI}

Walsh, Frank

Beautiful dreamer (arr. Frank C. Walsh) [Foster-Walsh] {17/201-2 : Walsh}

Clair de lune {from Suite bergamasque} (arr. Frank Walsh) [Debussy-Walsh] {p. solo 21/110-2(3) c : Walsh}

Jeanie, with the light brown hair (words and music Stephen C. Foster; arr. Frank Walsh) [Foster-Walsh] {17/201 c) : Fentone}

Whispering hope (words and music Alice Hawthorne; arr. Frank Walsh) [Hawthorne-Walsh] {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/263 b) : Fentone}

Walters, Leslie (1902-1998) English

Invitation to Arcady (words by Christopher Marlowe) {17/560 a) low in Eb }

Lord, in thy name I rest me: hymn for unaccomp. double chor. (words by Bonifacius Stoelzlein) {02/131.5 : Fagus-Music}

Walther, Johann Gottfried (1684-1748) German

Ausgewählte Orgelwerke Bd 2 (ed. Heinz Lohmann) {organ 40/263(2) : Breitkopf}

Concerto per la Chiesa (arr. J. G. Walther; ed. Philip A. Prince) [Telemann-Walther] {organ 40/243 : Novello}

Walther, Madeleine Clark

Dweller in dreams (text by Rabindranath Tagore) {17/561 low in Eb : Boston}

Walton, William (Sir) (1902-1983) English

Belshazzar's feast: for mixed choir, bar. solo & orch. {08/061 : 2 copies a,b : OUP}

Belshazzar's feast: for mixed choir, bar. solo & orch. {08/061 c : OUP}

Crown imperial: Coronation march (1937) (arr. Herbert Murrill) [Walton-Murrill] {organ 40/264-1 : OUP}

Crown imperial: Coronation march (1937) {p. solo 21/374 : OUP}

Façade (Suite for orchestra): p. duet (arr. Constant Lambert) [Walton-Lambert] {22/056-1 : OUP}

  1. Polka 2.Valse 3.Swiss Jodelling Song 4.Tango-Pasodoble 5. Tarantella Sevillana

Façade (Second suite for orchestra): p. duet {p. duo 22/056-2 : OUP}

Passacaglia 'Death of Falstaff' (arr. Henry Ley) [Walton-Ley] {organ 40/264-2 : OUP}

Three songs (poems by Edith Sitwell) {09/205 : OUP}

  1. Daphne 2. Through gilded trellises 3. Old Sir Faulk

The winds (poem by A. C. Swinburne) {17/562 : 2 copies : Curwen}

Wang Jianzhong (b.1933 ) Chinese

Liu Yang River (1974) {p. solo 21/374.5}

Ward, Clementine

Flowerland or, The lady gardeners: operetta for equal v. {07/057-2 : Curwen}

Princess Ju Ju, or The golden Amulet: Japanese operetta (adapt. to music from Schumann's Album for the Young) {07/057 : Curwen}

Ward, David Scottish

Variations on a waltz (2005) {p. solo 21/374.8 : Vanderbeek & Imrie}

Warlock, Peter [=Philip Heseltine] (1894-1930) English

As ever I saw (Anon.) {10/088[ 6] a) low: Db : Winthrop Rogers}

As ever I saw (Anon.) {17/563-7 high: Eb : Winthrop Rogers}

Away to Twiver (Anon.) {17/563-8 : OUP}

A book of [12] songs {10/088[ 7] : OUP}

A book of [12] songs {09/206 : OUP}

Capriol suite: arr. for recorder quintet (arr. Stanley Taylor) [Warlock-Taylor] {36/098.5 : Boosey & Hawkes #a) score only}

Captain Stratton's fancy: song (words by John Masefield) {17/563-1 No. 1 (in D) : Augener}

English ayres 1598-1612, vol. 1: [21 songs] (transc. & ed. Peter Warlock & Philip Wilson) [Jones-Warlock / Wilson] {10/089[ 4] : Enoch & Sons}

Hey, troly loly lo: song (poem Anon. 16th cent.) {10/087[11] : Augener}

In an arbour green: song (poem by Robert Wever) {17/563-2 : 2 copies : Paterson}

The jolly shepherd: song {10/089[ 7] : Winthrop Rogers}

Mourn no moe: [song] (words by John Fletcher (1616)) {10/089[ 8] a) low v. [A min] : Winthrop Rogers}

The muses' garden for delights (1610): [12 songs] (transc. & ed. Peter Warlock) [Jones-Warlock] {10/089[ 3] : Enoch & Sons}

My gostly fader: [song] (attrib. Charles d'Orleans) {10/089[ 9] : Winthrop Rogers}

Peter Warlock's fancy: song (Anon. (16th cent.)) {10/089[ 5] a) No. 1 in Eb : Chappell}

Peter Warlock's fancy: song (Anon. (16th cent.)) {17/563-3 No. 2 in F : Chappell}

Piggesnie: song (words Anon. 16th cent.) {10/087[12] a) No. 1 in E : Augener}

Sigh no more, ladies (words by Shakespeare) {17/563-9 : OUP}

Sleep {17/563-4}

Sweet content ([poem by] Thomas Dekker) {17/563-5 high: G : Winthrop Rogers}

There is a lady sweet and kind (poem by Thomas Ford) {17/563-6 high: Db : Winthrop Rogers}

Whenas the rye: song (words by George Peele (1595)) {10/089[ 6] a) No. 1 in Eb : Winthrop Rogers}

Yarmouth Fair: Norfolk folk-song {17/563-10 low key : OUP}

Warrack, Guy (1900-1986) Scottish

O Peace, thou fairest child of Heaven {poem from Alfred} (words by James Thomson and David Mallet; arr. Guy Warrack) [Arne-Warrack] {17/016-8 : 2 copies : Curwen}

Warren, Peter

Let me this day: based on an old Wesh folk song (words by Con Bryan) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/565 : Robbins}

Watson, (William) Michael (1840-1899) English

All in a garden fair: song (words and music by Michael Watson) {16/050-4 [32] No. 2 in F : Enoch}

Anchored!: [song] (words by S. K. Cowan) {16/040 [5/1] [in G] : Newnes}

Anchored!: song (words by S. K. Cowan) {10/045-4[26] No. 2 in G : Williams}

Norwegian dance in C minor {p. duet 22/057-1 : Jefferys}

Stars of Earth!: song adapted (with violin or cello obbl.) to cavatina by Joachim Raff (words by Michael Watson) [Raff-Watson] {10/045-4[10] No. 2 in F : Enoch & Sons #no v. or cello part}

Webber, Amherst (1867-1946) Anglo-French

La Première: mélodie (paroles de François Coppée, Eng. trans. E. Teschemacher) {10/045-6[11] No. 1 in F : Ricordi}

Webber, Andrew Lloyd (1948- English

Cats: the songs from the musical (text by T.S. Eliot) {09/207-1 : Faber}

Don't cry for me Argentina {from Evita} (lyrics by Tim Rice) {17/566 : 2 copies : Evita}

Jesus Christ Superstar: rock opera (musical excerpts, complete libretto) (lyrics by Tim Rice) {07/057.5 : Leeds Music}

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: [abridged vocal selection - 14 songs] (lyrics by Tim Rice) {09/207-2 : Novello}

Memory {from Cats} (text by Trevor Nunn after T. S. Eliot) {17/566-2 : Faber}

The music of the night {from The Phantom of the Opera} (lyrics by Charles Hart) {17/566-3 : Really Useful Group}

The Phantom of the Opera: [vocal selection - 9 songs] (lyrics by Charles Hart) {09/207-3 : Hal Leonard}

Pie Jesu {from Requiem} {sop. & tr. 18/172 : Novello}

Webber, Julian Lloyd (1951- English

The romantic cello: album moderne [9 pieces] (cello parts ed. Julian Lloyd Webber) {cello & piano set 33/080-5 : Chappell}

Webber, William Southcombe Lloyd (1914-1982) English

Frensham Pond: aquarelle for clar. & piano {36/098 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe #p. cond. only}

The lyre of Orpheus: four songs for fem. v. (SSC) (words by May Sarson) {15/053 : Elkin}

  1. Hymn to Apollo 2. Pastoral (The Shepherds) 3. Lament (The Nymphs) 4. Nocturne (The Muses)

The Saviour: meditation upon the death of Christ, for ten. & bass soli, SATB & org. (words by Bryn Rees) {org. + voc. sc. 02/132 : Novello}

Three Spring miniatures {p. solo 21/375 : Elkin}

  1. Gossamer (A Little Waltz) 2. Willow Song 3. Tree Tops (A Toccatina)

Weber, Carl Maria von (1786-1826) German

Aufforderung zum Tanz (Invitation to the Dance) Op. 65 (Weber-Weingartner arr. Alexander Rihm) [Weber-Weingartner-Rihm] {p. duo 22/058-2 : 2 copies : Boosey & Hawkes}

Aufforderung zum Tanze Op. 65: rondo [Weber-Weingartner] {p. solo 20/014[ 7]}

Ausgewählte Kompositionen (arr. August Horn) [Weber-Horn] {p. duet 22/058 : Peters}

  Grande polonaise, Op.21; Rondo brillante, Op.62; Aufforderung zum Tanze, Op.65; Polacca brillante, Op.72

Euryanthe (arr. Duarte J. Dos Santos) [Weber-Dos Santos] {p. duet 22/058-4 : Chappell}

Der Freischütz: ouverture {min. sc. 04/034 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Grand polonaise No. 2 (ed. Jules Benedict) {p. solo 21/376-1 : Joseph Williams}

Invitation à la valse (arr. G F West) [Weber-West] {p. duet 22/058-1 : Bosworth}

Invitation à la valse (ed. Geo. H. Farnell) {p. solo 21/376-5 : Banks}

Invitation to the dance: for coloratura v. with flute ad lib. (words by Leonard Liebling; arr. Estelle Liebling) [Weber-Liebling] {set 17/567-1.1 : Schirmer}

Invitation to the dance Op. 65 (arr. H. Rupp) [Weber-Rupp] {p. duet 22/058-3 : Schott}

Invitation to the dance: vocal adapt. for film Three Smart Girls Grow Up (lyric & adapt. Charles Henderson) [Weber-Henderson] {17/567-1 : 2 copies : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Invitation to the dance: for mixed v. (arr. Julius Harrison) [Weber-Harrison] {15/073 : 3 copies : Boosey & Hawkes}

The Jubilee cantata (Harvest cantata) Op. 58: [for SATB soli & chor.] {01/085}

March Op. 3 No. 5 {p. duet 22/058-5 : ABRSM}

Mass in G (arr. W. H. Weiss) [Weber-Weiss] {02/085[2] : Novello}

Il moto continuo (Grand sonata in C) {p. solo 21/376-2 a : Brewer}

Oberon: opera in 3 acts (written J. R. Planché; ed. Natalia Macfarren) {06/076 : Novello, Ewer}

Perpetuum mobile: rondo {from Sonata no. 1 Op. 24} (rev. John A. Preston) {p. solo 21/376-4(4) : Wood}

Perpetuum mobile {from First Sonata Op. 24} (ed. O. Thümer) {p. solo 21/376-2 b : Augener}

Preciosa ([arr. Henry Litolff]) [Weber-Litolff] {p. solo 21/376-6 : Litolff (Enoch)}

Rondo brillant in E flat Op. 62 (ed. O. Thümer) {p. solo 21/376-3 c : Augener}

Rondo brillante in E flat Op. 62 {p. solo 21/376-3 a : Forsyth Bros.}

Rondo brillante in E flat Op. 62 (ed. Hans Semper) {p. solo 21/376-3 b : Wood}

Say, my heart, whence comes thine anguish? (Herz, mein Herz, warum so traurig?): celebrated German air {17/567-2 : Lonsdale}

Softly sighs the voice of evening (Wie nahte mir der Schlummer): Agnes' recit. & air {sop. 17/567-3 : Edwin Ashdown}

Sonata 1 Op. 24 (C major) (ed. F. Liszt) {p. solo 21/376-4 : Augener #a) lacks all after p.34}

Sonate 2 Op. 39 (Ab major) {p. solo 21/376-7 : Henry Litolff}

Sonaten (ed. Köhler / Schmidt) {p. solo 21/376(1) : Peters}

  1. Op. 24 C maj 2. Op. 39 A flat maj 3. Op. 49 D min 4. Op. 70 E min

Sonates pour piano et violon {28/075[3] : Henry Litolff #1-5: p. cond. only - misbound}

Webern, Anton Friedrich Wilhelm von (1883-1945) Austrian

Passacaglia für Orchester Op. 1 {min. sc. 04/036-1 : Universal}

Variationen für Klavier Op. 27 {21/378}

Variationen für Orchester Op. 30 {min. sc. 04/036-2 : Universal}

Vier Lieder Op. 12 (1. Volkslied 2. [by] Li-Tai-Po 3. [by] Strindberg 4. [by] Goethe) {09/207.7 : Universal}

  1. Der Tag ist vergangen 2. Die geheimnisvolle Flöte 3. Schien mir's, als ich sah die Sonne 4. Gleich und gleich

Weckerlin, Jean-Baptiste (1821-1910) French

Bergerettes: romances et chansons du XVIIIe siècle (coll. et transc. J B Weckerlin) {10/003 : 3 copies-M : Heugel}

Du temps des bergères: six chansons dans la forme populaire (Eng. words E.M. Traquair) {09/208 : Augener}

Weelkes, Thomas (c.1575-1623) English

Alleluia. I heard a voice: anthem for 5 v. (Rev. 5:12,13) (ed. S. Townsend Warner) {org. + voc. sc. 02/134 : OUP}

Weill, Kurt (1900-1950) German

Die Dreigroschenoper {06/077-1 : Universal}

Mack the knife {from The Threepenny Opera} (Eng. words Marc Blitzstein (from orig. by Bertolt Brecht)) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/568-1 : Arcadia}

September song {from Knickerbocker Holiday} (words by Maxwell Anderson) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/568-2 : Chappell}

Weinberger, Jaromír (1896-1967) Czech-American

Polka {from Schwanda the Bagpiper} {21/378.5 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Weingartner, Felix von (1863-1942) Austrian

Aufforderung zum Tanz (Weber-Weingartner) (Weber-Weingartner arr. Alexander Rihm) [Weber-Weingartner-Rihm] {p. duo 22/058-2 : 2 copies : Boosey & Hawkes}

Aufforderung zum Tanze Op. 65: rondo [Weber-Weingartner] {p. solo 20/014[ 7]}

Du bist ein Kind (Thou art a child) {from Zwölf Lieder Op. 28} (Ernst Ziel; Eng. version William Wallace) {17/569 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Du bist ein Kind (Thou art a child) Op. 28 No. 12: from Zw?lf Lieder (Eng. William Wallace) {sop./ ten. 10/045-8.2[8] a) sop./ten. : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Weismann, W.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba {from 'Solomon'}: [arr. as p. duet] (arr. W. Weismann) [Handel-Weismann] {22/026-3[2] : Hinrichsen}

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba {from 'Solomon'} (arr. W. Weismann) [Handel-Weismann] {p. duet 22/021-1 a : Hinrichsen}

Concerto in A minor Op. 16 (arr. Wm. Weismann [abridged]) [Grieg-Weismann] {p. solo 21/156-5 : 2 copies a,b : Peters}

Messe D-moll (Nelson-Messe) (arr. Wilhelm Weismann) [Haydn-Weismann] {SATB soli 02/054-3.1 : Peters}

Weiss, Willoughby Hunter (1820-1867) English

Mass in G (arr. W. H. Weiss) [Weber-Weiss] {02/085[2] : Novello}

The village blacksmith: song (words by Longfellow) {17/569.5 b) No. 1 in Bb : Weekes}

The village blacksmith: song (words by Longfellow) {17/569.5 No. 3 in C : E. George}

Weissenborn, Christian Julius (1837-1888) German

Bassoon studies Op. 8, vol. 1 - for beginners {36/170-1(1) : Peters}

Weitz, Guy (1883-1970) Belgian

Mortify us by thy Grace {Chorale from Cantata No. 22} (arr. Guy Weitz) [Bach-Weitz] {organ 40/051-9 : Chester}

Wellings, Milton (1850-1929) English

Golden love: song (words by Mary Mark-Lemon) {10/045-4[ 8] No. 1 in G : Enoch & Sons}

Wély, Lefébure (1817-1869) French

Andante in F: for organ {40/180[2]}

Wenrich, Percy (1887-1952) American

Minnetonka (words by Gus Kahn) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/570 : Feldman}

Werdin, Eberhard (1911-1991) German

Concertino für 2 B-Trompeten u. Streicher (bearb. Eberhard Werdin) [Corelli-Werdin] {orch. sc. 42/014 : Schott #no sep. parts}

Wesley, Samuel (1766-1837) English

Duet for organ (ed. Walter Emery) {org. sc. (4 h.) 40/267 : 2 copies : Novello}

Prelude, Air & Gavotte {from Twelve short pieces} (ed. John E. West) {organ 40/267-2 : Novello}

Sonatina in A Op. 5 (arr. Gordon Saunders) [Wesley-Saunders] {p. solo 21/379-1}

Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876) English

Choral song {from Three pieces for a chamber organ, Bk 1} {organ 40/268 : Novello}

The wilderness: anthem for solo v. & chor. w. org. accomp. {org. + voc. sc. 02/136 : Novello}

West, G. F.

Favourite waltzes No. 4 (arr. G F West) [Mozart-West] {p. solo 21/254-9 : Robert Cocks}

Invitation à la valse (arr. G F West) [Weber-West] {p. duet 22/058-1 : Bosworth}

West, John E. (1863-1929) Scottish

Fantasy on two well-known Christmas carols {organ 40/269 : Novello}

Nazareth ('Though poor be the chamber'): anthem for bar. solo & chor. (words by Henry F. Chorley; arr. John E. West) [Gounod-West] {02/050-2 : 2 copies : Novello}

Oh yes, just so {from Phoebus and Pan} (Eng. words J. Michael Diack; arr. John E. West) [Bach-West] {mez. 17/025-2 mez. ? : Novello}

Solemn melody (arr. John E. West) [Davies-West] {organ 40/079-1 : 2 copies : Novello}

Wi' a hundred pipers (Scottish air): unaccomp. part-song for mixed v. {05/011 b-1 }

Westbrook, William Joseph (1831-1894)

Five Marches (arr. W. J. Westbrook) [Schubert-Westbrook] {organ 40/225 : Augener}

Merkel-Album: 24 melodious pieces for organ (sel. & arr. W. J. Westbrook) [Merkel-Westbrook] {40/169 : Schott}

Seven Marches (arr. W. J. Westbrook) [Beethoven-Westbrook] {organ 40/051.3 : Augener}

Walter's prize song {from Die Meistersinger} (transc. W. J. Westbrook) [Wagner-Westbrook] {organ 40/260-5 : Schott}

Westendorf, Thomas P. (1848-1923) American

I'll take you home again, Kathleen {17/594[2] : Mozart Allan}

[Songs by Work and Westendorf] {17/594 : Mozart Allan}

Weston, Robert Patrick [=Robert Harris] (1878-1936) English

You're well dressed if you're wearing a smile (words & music by R. P. Weston & Bert Lee) [Weston-Lee] {17/570.3 : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Westrup, Jack (J. A.) (1904-1975) English

Orpheus with his lute (poem by Shakespeare) {17/570.4(3) : Augener}

Whelpley, Benjamin (1864-1946)

Oh! for a breath o' the moorlands (words by Harriet Miller Davidson) [Varlamov-Whishaw] {17/570.5 a) med. in C : Winthrop Rogers}

Whishaw, Frederick

The red sarafan: song (adapt. w. Eng. words Fred. Whishaw) [Varlamov-Whishaw] {17/570.8 No. 1 in G : Alfred Lengnick}

White, Constance V. [=Alfred William Rawlings] (1860-1924) English

Sleep & forget: [song] (words by Clifton Bingham) {16/050-5 [20]}

White, Maude Valérie (1855-1937) English

Ein alter Traum (An old dream) (Eng. words Theodora Wilson) {17/571(2) No. 1 in G : Laudy}

An den Geliebten (To the beloved) (Eng. trans. Maude Valérie White) {17/571(3) No. 2 in G min : Laudy}

Auf Wiederseh'n (We'll meet again) {17/571(1) No. 2 in Bb : Laudy}

The devout lover: song (w. violin ad lib.) (words by Walter Herries Pollock) {set 17/571-2 : 4 copies a,b) No. 2 in Eb c) No.3 in D d) No. 4 in C : Ricordi #a,d) violin part wanting}

Five songs {17/571 : Laudy}

Glück auf (God speed) (Eng. words Theodora Wilson) {17/571(5) No. 1 in G : Laudy}

My Nannie: song (words by Robert Burns) {10/045-5[ 1] No. 1 in G : Stanley Lucas, Weber}

Six songs {09/209 b) high v. : Chappell}

Six songs {09/209 a) high v. : Edwin Ashdown}

So we'll go no more a roving (words by Lord Byron) {10/076[7] a) [No. 1] in C (low v.) : Chappell}

So we'll go no more a roving: song (words by Lord Byron) {17/571-3 No. 1 in C : Chappell}

Wanderlied (A Wanderer's song) (Eng. words Theodora Wilson) {17/571(4) No. 2 in G : Laudy}

When June is past: [song] (words by Thomas Carew) {16/050-3 [20] : Stanley Lucas, Weber}

Whitehouse, W. E.

Scale and arpeggio album for the violoncello (comp. W. E. Whitehouse & R. V. Tabb) {33/A90 : Schott}

Second violoncello album: 5 solos orig. written for violoncello w. p. accomp. (ed. & arr. W. E. Whitehouse) {cello & piano set 33/080-2(2) : Joseph Williams}

Violoncello album: 6 peces w. p. accomp. (ed. & arr. W. E. Whitehouse) {cello & piano set 33/080-2(1) : Joseph Williams #a) score only, no cello part}

Whiting, Richard A. (1891-1938) American

Ain't we got fun? (words by Gus Kahn & Raymond B. Egan) {17/572-1 : Feldman}

Till we meet again (words by Raymond B. Egan) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/572-2 : Feldman}

Whitlock, Percy William (1903-1946) English

Five short pieces {organ 40/271 : OUP}

  1. Allegretto 2. Folk Tune 3. Andante Tranquillo 4. Scherzo 5. Paean

Whittingham, Alfred English

Twilight: evening meditation (transc. Alfred Whittingham) [Oberthür-Whittingham] {organ 40/180[1]}

Wickins, Florence

Church anthems, ancient & modern: for all seasons (arr. F. Wickins) [Wickins] {org. + voc. sc. 02/202-2 : 2 copies : Wickins}

The Oxford easy anthem book, with supplement: [50 anthems, with 9 settings of Canticles, etc] (arr. F. Wickins) [Wickins] {org. + voc. sc. 02/202-3 : OUP}

Wiedemann, Ludwig

45 Etüden für Oboe {36/131-2[4] : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Wieniawski, Józef (1837-1912) Polish

Valse de concert (valse caprice) Op. 3 {21/378.8 : Joseph Williams}

Wightman, John

Tewkesbury road: song (words by John Masefield) {17/573-2 low v. : Alfred Lengnick}

Twilight it is: song (words by John Masefield) {17/573 high v. : Alfred Lengnick}

Wilbur, Jay (1898-1968) English

Dusk (arr. Jay Wilbur) [Gibbs-Wilbur] {p. solo 21/151.2-2 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Wilhelmj, August (1845-1908) German

L'Abeille (arr. August Wilhelmj) [Schubert-Wilhelmj] {violin & piano set 28/044-3 : Schott}

Air (arr. August Wilhelmj) [Bach-Wilhelmj] {cello & piano set 33/005 : Schott}

Air (on the 4th string) (arr. August Wilhelmj) [Bach-Wilhelmj] {violin & piano set 28/002-4 : Schott}

Willaert, Adrian (1485-1562) Flemish

Nazaraeus vocabitur: motette {SATB choir 05/022}

Willcocks, David Valentine (Sir) (1919-2015) English

Carols for choirs, 1: fifty Christmas carols (ed. & arr. Reginald Jacques and David Willcocks) [Jacques / Willcocks] {02/204(1) : 2 copies : OUP}

Carols for choirs, 2: fifty carols for Christmas & Advent (ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter) [Willcocks / Rutter] {02/204(2) : 2 copies : OUP}

Carols for choirs, 3: fifty carols (ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter) [Willcocks / Rutter] {02/204(3) : OUP}

Carols for choirs, 4: fifty carols for sopranos and altos (ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter) [Willcocks / Rutter] {02/204(4) : 3 copies : OUP}

Willeby, Charles

Autumn days: song (words by Helen Taylor) {17/575-1 No. 2 in Eb : Boosey}

The birds go North again (words by Ella Higginson) {17/575-3 No. 1 in C : John Church}

Coming home (words by D. Eardley-Wilmot) {17/575-4 : 2 copies a) No. 1 in Eb b) No. 3 in F : John Church}

Cuttin' rushes: song (poem by Moira O'Neill) {16/050-3 [ 6] No. 2 in E min : Boosey}

Mandalay: song (words by Rudyard Kipling) {17/575-5 No. 2 in E : John Church}

Summer rain (poem by William Ernest Henry) {17/575-2 No. 3 in Eb : John Church}

When Spring comes laughing: song (words by Austin Dobson) {10/045-9[14] a) No. 2 in Ab : Boosey}

Williams, Aaron (20th c.)

Canon in D (arr. Aaron Williams) [Pachelbel-Williams] {4 cellos set 42/026 : Ricordi}

Williams, Charles (1893-1978) English

The Dream of Olwen {p. solo 21/379.2 : 2 copies : Lawrence Wright}

Williams, Charles Lee (1853-1935) English

Olwen: song (words by Winifred May) {17/577 : Lawrence Wright}

Williams, Christopher à Becket (1890-1956) English

Ertödt' uns durch dein' Güte! (Mortify us by thy Grace) {from Cantata No. 22} (arr. Becket Williams) [Bach-Williams] {p. duo set 22/003- 3 : 2 copies : OUP}

My love is like a red, red rose: 2-part song for sop. & contr. (poem by Robert Burns) {18/177 : Curwen}

Williams, Gene [=Lawrence Wright] (1888-1964) English

Avola: one-step {p. solo 21/379.5-1}

Williams, Gerrard

The crooning from Inisfail (poem by Leigh Henry) {17/578 : Curwen}

Williams, Gus (1848-1915) American

See that my grave's kept green: [song and chorus (SATB)] ([words by Williams?]) {16/050-1[19]}

Williams, Harry (d. 1924) English

It's a Long Way to Tipperary (written and composed by Jack Judge and Harry Williams) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/307 : Feldman}

Williams, Hugh [=Wilhelm Grosz] (1894-1939) Anglo-Austrian

Red sails in the sunset (lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy) {17/579 : EMI}

Williams, Joseph Benjamin (1847-1923) English

see Pascal, Florian

Larboard watch: duet {p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-4 [ 5] : Bayley & Ferguson}

Williams, Leonard

The dairymaids: lancers (arr. Leonard Williams on melodies from the musical play by Paul A. Rubens & Frank E. Tours) [Rubens-Williams] {p. solo 21/313-1 : Chappell}

The Merry Widow: valse (arr. Leonard Williams) [Lehár-Williams] {p. solo 21/213.5-2 : Chappell}

Miss Hook of Holland: valse (arr. Leonard Williams on melodies by Paul A. Rubens) [Rubens-Williams] {p. solo 21/313-2 : Chappell}

Williams, Ralph Vaughan (1872-1958) English

see Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Williams, (William Stanley) Gwynn

Two Shakespeare lyrics {09/210 : Gwynn}

  1. Spring (Gwanwyn) 2. Winter (Gaeaf)

Williamson, Malcolm (1931-2003) Australian

Harvest thanksgiving: for choir & organ {SATB choir org. + voc. sc. 02/138-1 : Weinberger}

Procession of palms {SATB choir 02/138-2 : 2 copies : Weinberger}

Six Christmas songs for the young {09/211 : 2 copies : Weinberger}

The stone wall: cassation for audience & orch. {chor. sc. 01/086 : Weinberger}

Twelve new hymn tunes {choir 02/138-3 : Weinberger}

Willmers, Rudolf (1821-1878) Norwegian

Freudvoll und Leidvoll Op. 2 No. 1 ('Lied von Reichardt' transc. Willmers) [Reichardt-Willmers] {p. solo 21/380(1) : Schuberth}

Willner, Arthur (1881-1959) Czech

Classical album for oboe and piano: 10 pieces (arr. Arthur Willner) {set 36/099-12 : Boosey & Hawkes #a) lacks oboe part}

Classical album for oboe and piano: 10 pieces (arr. Arthur Willner) {set 36/129-1 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Concerto no. 1 for oboe and string orch. (arr. Arthur Willner) [Handel-Willner] {oboe & piano set 36/037-7 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Così fan tutte: comic opera in two acts (words by Lorenzo da Ponte, Eng. version David Higham, voc. sc. Arthur Willner) [Mozart-Willner] {06/032-1 c : Boosey}

Wills, Arthur (1926- English

Toccata for two {2 organs 2 org. sc. 40/273 : 2 copies : Oecumuse}

Willson, Robert Meredith (1902-1984) American

The Music Man: musical comedy (lyrics by Meredith Willson) {07/057.7 : Frank}

The Music Man: [musical] (music & lyrics by [Robert] Meredith Willson) {libr. 03/190 : 2 copies : Frank}

Wilson, Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt- (1883-1950) English

see Berners, Lord

Wilson, Henry Lane (1870-1915) English

see also Batten, Robert (pseud.)

Carmeña: voc. waltz (words by Ellis Walton) {17/581-1 [No. 3] in E : Reeder & Walsh}

Come, all ye lads and lasses {from Flora's Holiday}: quartet (Old English melody, arr. & words by H. Lane Wilson) {18/179-3(1) : Boosey}

Come let's be merry (Old English melody, arr. H. Lane Wilson) {17/581-4 : Boosey}

The country dance {from Flora's Holiday}: quartet (Old English melody, arr. & words by H. Lane Wilson) {18/179-3(3) : Boosey}

False Phyllis {17/581-2}

My lovely Celia: song (by George Munro, arr. H. Lane Wilson) [Munro-Wilson] {17/581-3 No. 2 in G : Boosey & Hawkes}

Old English melodies: [21 songs] (arr. H. Lane Wilson) {10/022.5 : 4 copies-M b-e) 119 pp. : Boosey & Hawkes}

Old English melodies: [21 songs] (arr. H. Lane Wilson) {10/022.5 a) 90 pp (no sep. words) : Boosey & Hawkes}

Tenor and baritone: humorous (vocal) duet (words by H. Broughton Black) {ten. & bar. 18/179-2 : 2 copies a) [No. 1] in G b) b) [No. 2] in A : Reeder & Walsh}

The two beggars: humorous duet for ten. & bar. or bass (words by A. Valdemar) {18/179-1 : 2 copies a,b) in C : Reeder & Walsh}

When dull care (Old English melody, arr. H. Lane Wilson) {17/581-5 No. 1 in F : Boosey}

Wilson, Sandy (1924- English

The Boy Friend (piano selection) (words and music Sandy Wilson; arr. Chris Langdon) [Wilson-Langdon] {17/580 : Chappell}

The Boy Friend: a new musical comedy of the 1920s (book, lyrics and music by Sandy Wilson) {libr. 03/192 : International}

The Boy Friend: a new musical comedy of the 1920s (book, lyrics and music by Sandy Wilson) {07/057.8 : International}

Wilson, Thomas (1927-2001) Scottish

Reverie {from Three Pieces 1964) (ed. Lionel Salter) {p. solo 21/380.3(1) : Ricordi}

Tzigane {from Three Pieces 1964) (ed. Lionel Salter) {p. solo 21/380.3(2) : Ricordi}

Valse viennoise {from Three Pieces 1964) (ed. Lionel Salter) {p. solo 21/380.3(3) : Ricordi}

Willy's rare and Willy's fair (arr. Thomas Wilson) {17/582 : Bayley & Ferguson}

Winkler, Franz

Forever and ever (words by Malia Rosa) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/584 : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Winner, Joseph Eastburn (1837-1918) American

see Eastburn, R. A.

Winner, Septimus (1827-1902) American

see Hawthorne, Alice (pseud.)

Winter, Aubrey

Amoretten Tänze (valse): cello part only (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Gung'l-Winter] {33/079[3] : Boosey & Hawkes}

Annen Polka [Op.117]: p'copy cello part only (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Strauss-Winter] {33/070[5] : Paxton}

The Golden Valse (medley): cello part only {33/079[2] : Boosey & Hawkes}

Martial moments (March medley) {p. solo 21/381}

Ein Morgen, ein Mittag, ein Abend in Wien: cello/bass part only (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Suppé-Winter] {33/079[1] : Boosey & Hawkes}

Morgenblätter [Op. 279]: cello part only (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Strauss-Winter] {33/079[4] : Boosey & Hawkes}

Morning, noon and night in Vienna: overture: p. conductor (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Suppé-Winter] {07/053-4 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Waltz memories selection (arr. Aubrey Winter) [Tchaikovsky-Winter] {p. trio vn & vc orch. sel. 24/030 : Chappell #p. cond., v1, cello}

Winterfeldt, Max (1879-1942) German

see Gilbert, Jean (pseud.)

Wiseman, Herbert (fl. 1900-1950) Scottish

Scottish country dance book of four set dances: collected by Mrs Mary Isdal McNab of Vancouver (mus. arr. Herbert Wiseman) {p. solo 20/250 : Paterson}

Witt, Friedrich (1770-1836) German

Missa in honorem S. Ambrosii Op. 29c: ad duas voces aequales {2-v. choir 02/140 : Pustet}

Witty, James

Little Mary Fawcett: song (words by Frank Witty) {17/586 : Chappell}

Wodehouse, J.

The wedding music from Lohengrin (arr. J. Wodehouse) [Wagner-Wodehouse] {organ 40/260-1 : Augener}

  Elsa's Bridal March; Bridal Chorus; Grand Processional March

Wohlfahrt, Franz (1833-1884) German

Sixty studies Op. 45. Bk 1, Nos. 1-30 {violin 25/025-1(1) #lacks study no. 30}

Wolf, Hugo (1860-1903) Austrian

65 songs (arr. Sergius Kagen) [Wolf-Kagen] {09/212-4 a) low : International}

Anacreon's grave (Anakreons Grab) (Goethe (Eng. Richard Capell)) {17/588-1 [No. 2 in] G : Augener}

Eichendorff-Lieder vol. 1: [10 songs] (Eng. trans. John Bernhoff) {09/212-2(1) vol. 1: low. v. : Peters}

Gesang Weyla's (Weyla's song) (M?rike (Eng. Marie Boileau)) {17/588-4 a) high v. : Peters}

Lieder nach verschiedenen Dichtern Bd 1: [12 songs] (Eng. trans. John Bernhoff) {09/212-5(1) : 2 copies a,b) high v. : Peters}

  a) Sechs Lieder fur eine Frauenstimme b) Alte Weisen, sechs Gedichte von Keller

Lieder und Gesänge: Auswahl aus dem Alten Weisen, dem Spanischem und Italienischen Liederbuch (ed. Joseph Marx) {09/212-3 : Weinberger}

Mausfallen-Sprüchlein (The mouser's magic verses) (Mörike (Eng. John Bernhoff)) {17/588-2 : Peters}

Möricke-Lieder Bd 1 (1-12) {09/212(1) : 2 copies a) low v. b) high v. : Peters}

Möricke-Lieder Bd 2 (13-24) {09/212(2) : 3 copies a,b--low v. c--high v. : Peters}

Sixty-five songs (arr. Sergius Kagen) [Wolf-Kagen] {09/212-4 a) low : International}

Verborgenheit (Secrecy) (Mörike (Eng. Marie Boileau)) {17/588-3 : 2 copies a) low v. b) high v. : Peters}

Wolfe, Jacques (1896-1973) American

Short'nin' bread (words ed. Clement Wood) {17/589-1 low v.(D) : Winthrop Rogers}

Wolfermann, Albert (1844-1908) German

Vergiss mein nicht (Forget me not): aria (arr. Albert Wolfermann) [Bach-Wolfermann] {17/025-4 [No. 2] in G moll : Klemm}

Wolsey, Newman

Into thy hands: sacred song (written & composed by Newman Wolsey) {16/050-4 [36] : Paxton}

Wood, Charles (1866-1926) Irish

Ethiopia saluting the colours: song (words by Walt Whitman) {17/589.5-2 No. 2 in A : Boosey}

The jug of punch: Irish folk-song (words by Alfred Perceval Graves; arr. Charles Wood) {17/589.5 : Boosey}

O Thou, the Central Orb: anthem {for TrATB] (words by H. R. Bramley) {org. + voc. sc. 02/142 : 4 copies : A. & C. Black}

Quintett in F major {wind quint. 42/035}

Wassail: 4-part song, SATB (words by John Bale (King John)) {p. voc. + sol-fa 18/180 : Deane}

Wood, Haydn (1882-1959) English

Bird of love divine (words by Kathleen Birch) {17/590- 1 No. 3 in G : Boosey}

A brown bird singing: song (words by Royden Barrie) {17/590- 5 : 3 copies a,b) No. 3 in G c) No. 4 in Ab : Chappell}

Dearest, I love the morning: song (words by Royden Barrie) {17/590- 2 No. 1 in C : Chappell}

A dog to walk with me (words by Lady (Muriel) Anderson) {17/590- 7 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

God is guiding me: sacred song (words by Percy Edgar) {17/590-14 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

God make me kind (words by Desmond Carter) {17/590- 3 : 2 copies a,b) No. 2 in F : Chappell}

Haydn Wood album: [8 songs] (words by Fred. E. Weatherly, Harold Simpson et al.) {09/213 : Chappell}

I count It all: song (words by Harold Simpson) {17/590- 9 : 2 copies a,b) No. 1 in C : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

I shall be there: song (words by Elsie R. Bowler) {17/590- 4 : 2 copies a) No. 1 in D b) No. 2 in F : Ascherberg}

It is only a tiny garden: song (words by Lillian Glanville) {17/590- 6 : 2 copies a) No. 3 in Eb b) No. 2 in D : Chappell}

Love's garden of roses: song (words by Ruth Rutherford) {17/590- 17 a) No. 4 in Bb : Chappell}

'Maypril': song of Spring (words by Harry Dawson) {17/590- 8 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Princess Elizabeth of England: song (words by Dr W. E. St Lawrence Finny) {17/590-13 No. 1 in G : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Roses of Picardy: song (words by Fred. E. Weatherly) {17/590-15 : 3 copies a-c) No. 2 in C : Chappell}

Song of a thankful heart: song (words by Richard Corrin) {17/590-16 No. 1 in F : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

The village that nobody knows: song (words by Harold Simpson) {17/590-10 No. 1 in Eb : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

When the home-bells ring again: song (words by Edward Lockton) {17/590-12 No. 2 in Bb : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Whene'er you call: song (words by Harry Dawson) {17/590-11 No. 1 in C : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Wood, Henry Joseph (Sir) (1869-1944) English

Six songs Op. 15 (words by Heinrich Heine (1-3,6) and Miss Landon (4.The dying child)) {09/215 : Weekes}

Wood, Thomas (1892-1950) English

The Oxford song book vol. 2: [140 items incl. fiddle tunes & fragments] (coll. & arr. Thomas Wood) {10/023(2) : OUP}

Waltzing Matilda {p. duo set 22/059 : OUP}

Woodforde-Finden, Amy (1860-1919) English

Four Indian love lyrics (words by Laurence Hope) {bar./ contr. 09/217 : 6 copies-M a-c) contr./bar. d-f) sop./ten. : Boosey}

  1. The Temple Bells 2. Less Than the Dust 3. Kashmiri Song 4. Till I Wake

Kashmiri song {from Four Indian Love Lyrics} (words by Laurence Hope) {17/592-1 : 2 copies b) No. 1 in Bb : Boosey}

O flower of all the world: song (words by Gilbert Parker) {17/592-2 No. 3 in F : Boosey}

The pathway of the moon: song (words by Ernest E. Wild) {17/592-3 : Boosey}

Woodgate, Leslie (1902-1961) English

A hymn to the Virgin Op. 1 No.1: cantata (Anon.) {bar. 01/086[1]}

Medley of songs for baritone solo, men's voices & piano (arr. Leslie Woodgate) [Foster-Woodgate] {15/038 : 3 copies : Dix}

Safe home!: song (words by Elizabeth Fleming) {17/592.5 : Boosey}

Students' songs Bk 1: [9 songs] for male v. & piano (arr. Leslie Woodgate) {10/029.5(1) : 3 copies : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Students' songs Bk 2: [7 songs] for male v. & piano (arr. Leslie Woodgate) {10/029.5(2) : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Students' songs Bk 3: [7 songs] for male v. & piano (arr. Leslie Woodgate) {10/029.5(3) : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

The white island (Place of the Blest) Op. 1 No.2: [cantata] (words by Herrick) {01/086[2]}

Woodman, Raymond Huntington (1861-1943) American

A birthday: song (words by Christina Rossetti) {17/593-1 : 2 copies a,b) low (Ab) : Winthrop Rogers}

A birthday: song (words by Christina Rossetti) {17/593-1 : 2 copies c) low (Ab) d) high (Db)-Chappell No. 2 : Schirmer}

I am thy harp: [song] (words by Emily Murray) {17/593-2 low (Db) : Schirmer}

Thy heart is like a gentle stream: song ([words by] Martha Martin) {17/593-3 low )Eb) : Schirmer}

Wordsworth, William Brocklesby (1908-1988) English

The image: vocal setting for high voice (poem by Richard Hughes) {17/593.5 : Alfred Lengnick}

Work, Henry Clay (1832-1884) American

My grandfather's clock {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/594[1] : Mozart Allan}

[Songs by Work and Westendorf] {17/594 : Mozart Allan}

Worthington Bliss, Mrs J. (1827-1898) English

see Lindsay, M.

Wright, Lawrence (1888-1964) English

see also Ambroise, Victor (pseud.);   Nicholls, Horatio (pseud.)

see also O'Hogan, Betsy (pseud.);   Williams, Gene (pseud.)

Are We Downhearted? No! (words and music by Worton David and Lawrence Wright) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/594.5 : Lawrence Wright}

Wright, Robert (1914-2005) American

The Great Waltz: [based on music by Johann Strauss I & II adapted by E.W. Korngold] (music & lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) [Wright / Forrest] {libr. 03/195-2 #marked up copy (W. Jolly)}

Kismet: musical Arabian night [from themes by Alexander Borodin] (music & lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) [Wright / Forrest] {libr. 03/195-1 : 2 copies : Frank}

Kismet: musical Arabian night (adapted from the music of Alexander Borodin; lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) [Wright / Forrest] {07/058-1 : Frank}

Song of Norway: operetta (based on life & music of Edvard Grieg; lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) [Wright / Forrest] {07/058 : Chappell}

Wrubel, Allie (1905-1973) American

Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet (lyrics by Allie Wrubel, Ray Gilbert) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/595 : Leeds Music}

Wuellner, Franz (1832-1902) German

see Wüllner, Franz

Wüllner, Franz (1832-1902) German

Sacred part-songs: for SATB (arr. F. Wüllner) [Bach-Wüllner] {02/005-1 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

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