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Sunday 11th April 2021

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Høffding, Finn (1899-1997) Danish

Sinfonia concertante Op. 23 (chamb. orch.: orch. sc.: 42/019.5)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

The magic flute: overture (chamb. orch.: orch. sc.: 43/005)

Wagner, (Wilhelm) Richard (1813-1883) German

Elsas Traum {from Lohengrin}: [for mez. & ch. orch.] (orch. sc.: 43/090)

  Score, Fl1, Fl2, Fl3, Ob1 Ob2, CorA, Cl1, Cl2, bCl, Bn1, Bn2, Bn3, Hn1, Hn2, Trt1, Trt2, Timp, Harp, 6xVn1, 5xVn2, 4xVa, 3xVc, 3xDb

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