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Friday 27th November 2020

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Arne, Thomas (1710-1778) English

Eight sonatas, or Lessons for the harpsichord (21/012)

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788) German

Six fugues: organ or harpsichord (21/014-2)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

Concerto for three claviers no. 1 in D minor: [with string accompaniment] (04/001-7[1])

Concerto for three claviers no. 2 in C major: [with string accompaniment] (04/001-7[2])

[Two Concertos for three claviers]: no. 1 in D minor, no. 2 in C major (04/001-7)

Jacob, Gordon (1895-1984) English

The frogs: for harpsichord or p. solo (21/198)

Purcell, Henry (c.1659-1695) English

Fantasia: 'Three Parts Upon a Ground' (3 violins, cello or viola da gamba, harpsichord or piano) (42/027)

Scarlatti, Alessandro (1660-1725) Italian

Christmas cantata (Cantata pastorale): for sop. solo, str. quart. & harpsich. (01/066.5)

Various Composers

A choice collection of ayres and dances: [9 pieces] (hpd / clav.: 41/007)

A choice collection of gigues and toccatas: [8 pieces] (hpd / clav.: 41/007-2)

Early keyboard music, vol. 1: collection of pieces written for the virginal, spinet, harpsichord & clavichord (41/001(1))

  65 pieces

Early keyboard music, vol. 2: collection of 57 pieces written for the virginal, spinet, harpsichord & clavichord (41/001(2))

Les maƮtres du clavecin: [32 pieces] (41/005)

13 works by 7 composers, with 0 arrangers or second composers and 0 cross-references

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