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Friday 4th December 2020

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Barsanti, Francesco (1690-1772) Italian

Sonata in C: transcr. for ten. recorder & piano (set: 36/002)

Bingham, George (fl. 1702-06) English

Suite in E minor for treble recorder and keyboard: Suite in E minor (set: 36/003.5)

Finger, Gottfried (Godfrey) (1656-1730) Anglo-Czech

Sonata for descant recorder and piano (harpsichord) (set: 36/025.8)

Grainger, Percy (1882-1961) Australian-American

Country gardens (handkerchief dance): for descant & treble recorders & piano (set: 36/032)

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Handel album (rec. & piano: set: 36/037-6)

Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963) German

Trio for recorders (min. sc.: 04/014.5-2)

Kraus, Eberhard (1931-2003) German

Concerto da chiesa (Concerti dodecaphonici, 1): für zwei Blockflöten und Orgel (set: 36/051.5)

Milford, Robin (1903-1959) English

Three airs for treble recorder (or flute) & piano (set: 36/059)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

A second Mozart suite {from the Kegel-Duette} (rec.: set: 36/064-6)

Pearson, William Dean (b. 1905) English

Variations on "Lulle me beyond thee" (Playford 1650) (rec. & piano: set: 36/076.5)

Valentine, Robert (c1671-1747) English

Sonata no. 8 in G: for descant (tenor) and piano (rec. & piano: set: 36/094 : 2 copies)

Various Composers

Fifty famous melodies for descant recorder, Bk 2 (36/160-1(2))

Oxford books of recorder music Bk 2, Descant recorder and piano (36/160-5)

Preludes and voluntaries for treble recorder solo (1708): 19 pieces (36/160-3)

Scales, arpeggios & exercises for the recorder: sopranino, descant, treble, tenor, and bass (36/160-2)

A set of English pieces: [7 pieces for bass or treble rec. & p. or harpsich.] (36/111-3)

Seven pieces by classical composers: arr. for descant recorder & piano (36/111-4)

Twelve English country dances: for descant, treble and tenor (ad lib.) recorders & piano (36/111-2)

Warlock, Peter [=Philip Heseltine] (1894-1930) English

Capriol suite: arr. for recorder quintet (36/098.5)

19 works by 13 composers, with 0 arrangers or second composers and 0 cross-references

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