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North East of Scotland Music School

Tuesday 25th February 2020

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Bliss, Arthur (Sir) (1891-1975) English

Cradle song for a newborn child: for small mixed chorus and harp (or piano) (15/022)

Nielsen, Carl August (1865-1931) Danish

The fog is lifting (Der Nebel steigt) Op. 41: [for flute & piano or harp] (36/076-1)

Roussel, Albert (1869-1937) French

Sérénade Op. 30: pour flûte, violon, alto, violoncelle et harpe (42/028)

Rubbra, Edmund (1901-1986) English

A Hymn to the Virgin Op. 13 No. 2: for voice & harp (or piano). (17/483(2)[1])

Jesukin Op. 4 No. 2: for voice & harp (or piano). (17/483(2)[2])

Two songs: for voice & harp (or piano). (17/483(2))