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Monday 19th August 2019

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Kennedy-Fraser, Marjory (1857-1930) Scottish

The cockle gatherer ('S truisaidh mi na Coilleagan) (17/316-13)

Peat-fire smooring prayer (Smàl an tùrlach) (17/316-11)

The potato liftin' (Or a bhonnagan): a grandame's lilt (17/316- 9)

Rannoch herding song (An druimionn dubh): Agyllshire air (17/316- 6)

Twelve selected songs of the Hebrides: from Vol. 2 (09/100(2))

Twenty Scottish songs, Bk 1: [10 songs] (09/100-2(1))

The wild swan (Eala fo leòn) (17/316-12)