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Want to Help?

NESMS is a charity operating as a non-profit-making company. Our aim is to provide high-quality teaching at the lowest possible cost, and we are helped in this by the wonderful cooperation of tutors and accompanists willing to accept from us a lower level of remuneration than they might receive elsewhere, simply because they believe in the value of what we are doing.


  • Attend a Concert or other NESMS events

NESMS always welcomes volunteers to join our Fundraising Committee who organize money-raising concerts and events.  Please support these events. 

You are guaranteed superb music in a sociable atmosphere.  Events are listed on the website homepage, our Facebook page, or you can request to be put on our mailing list.

  • Make a Financial Contribution

A number of private individuals make donations.  Many such donations have been received towards funding for our scholarship students, our instrument fund and towards core funding costs.  You are welcome to create a named scholarship or fund or, if you prefer, donate anonymously. All UK tax payers can boost their donation to NESMS by 25p to every £1, just complete the Gift Aid form here and return it to the NESMS office.


  • Make or Suggest a Contact for NESMS

We also rely heavily on the generosity of trusts and foundations, and the corporate sector.  So please feel free to recommend NESMS to any business contacts you may have.  If you know of trusts or foundations that you feel might support our work please pass on this information to us.

  • Fundraising everytime you shop online

Did you know you can raise free donations for NESMS everytime you shop online through It doesn't cost you any extra to your online total as it's the brands themselves who pay the donation to us. A small percentage of every purchase, but it all adds up. With lots of well-known brands to choose from, click their logo for more information.

​​How can you help us


Continuing financial support from all sides is essential to us if we are to maintain the quality of our teaching programme.  Our Manager, Colin Brockie, is more than happy to assist with any enquiries about donations, sponsorship or scholarships from individuals, companies or trust representatives.  Ann O'Brien, one of our volunteers, deals specifically with applications for funding.


The financial challenges we face

Most students pay fees – heavily subsidized by the income we generate through fundraising and sponsorship – but we also award scholarships based on merit to give free tuition where possible to musically talented individuals who could not otherwise afford to come to NESMS.

Bringing tutors to Aberdeen from all over the UK involves travel and administrative costs – including meals and accommodation, and the provision where necessary of accompanists – which cannot be covered by fees alone.  We are fortunate in that some of our previous Friends and volunteers are able to host visiting tutors thus saving NESMS significant hotel (and often taxi) costs.  Even so, the cost of running NESMS is approximately £1,000 per week.

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